TGIFF: Stars Gone Wild

Glory hallelujah, I made some time to sew! This was made possible by my awesome husband, who helped me create a new sewing space. (My MIL moved in with us in February. Her space is what used to be my sewing space.)

In spite of all the WIPs staring at me, I chose to start something new. And then I finished it. Pretty proud of myself. Of course, it’s not large, not complex, and not heavily quilted, all making the finish easier to achieve, but it’s still a finish, y’all. So I’m celebrating! Even if the celebration is just me doing a little chair dance.


It’s a bit wrinkly after taking it to my local guild meeting.

The title, “Stars Gone Wild,” may seem obvious, but I’m liking it anyway.  🙂  This is for a little guy who just turned one year old. He’s just one week older than my own little WIP. The animal prints used for the stars are scraps from his momma and daddy’s wedding present.

Going Feral

“Going Feral” was a pre-blog finish for me. My girlfriend absolutely loves animal prints. This was one of my first attempts at modern quilt design.

Originally I’d planned to make a half-square-triangle based design like theirs, but then I realized his middle name is a star. So I started thinking about that….

That week, at our guild meeting, someone left the July/August 2012 edition of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine on the “free table.” It contains Elizabeth Hartman‘s “Sparkle Punch” pattern. Serendipity! I made my stars just a smidge larger and made significantly fewer of them, but the technique and interlocking layout is hers.


It’s backed and bound in navy minky dimple dot. I don’t cut a separate binding with the minky–I just fold the backing over the edge and stitch it down. It can look a little uneven due to the dimples, but I don’t mind. The important thing to me is that the kid have a soft edge to rub against his face if he so chooses. I do a semi-mitred corner and trim away the extra bulk, but that’s as fancy as I get with the minky. Otherwise I find it gets too bulky. Each star is quilted with a variegated blue/green/black thread which has lost its sticker label, and I stitched a few more stars in the solid ground just to hold the layers together and add a bit of interest for the little one.


I’d have to look back, but I think this might be my first true finish this year. It feels so good! With some good time management on my part, I hope to have much smaller intervals between future finishes.

Linking up with TGIFF, hosted this week by Quilt Matters, where everyone is doing the Carlton Happy Dance!? LOL!


2 thoughts on “TGIFF: Stars Gone Wild

  1. Every finish definitely deserves a celebration! What a thoughtful and fitting gift. Beautiful job with it, especially with the minky — I hear it’s tricky to work with. So glad you linked up with TGIFF! Love that wedding gift — they are lucky to get two of your quilts!

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