Color Challenge: Pink

Well, so much for my goal of participating in every month of Michelle’s series.


I’ve missed Green, Purple, and Brown thus far. I was especially bummed about Green, as it is one of my favorite colors. I thought I would get to participate last month with Brown, and I was really excited about it just because it seems so under-utilized these days. Thanks to connectivity issues, however, once I’d created and lost three mosaics, I gave up.

Enough about what didn’t happen. On to pink! I really enjoyed Alyce’s blog post, and decided to dig out all my pink fabrics and attempt something similar.


This was a fun exercise, and I learned some things. First, I am more frequently drawn to the warmer and mid-range pinks than I am to the cooler, almost-purple pinks. Second, I definitely like the more saturated pinks. I have a whopping five fabrics in my stash that would qualify as pale or pastel pink.


Given that I agree with Michelle’s comments regarding shade and saturation providing balance, I will have to keep my eye out for a few more pale pink shades to add to my stash.

This month’s challenge is to create two palettes, one with a variety of pinks and another with at least two other colors. I’ll start with the mixed palette, one based on a quilt that has been percolating in the back of my brain for so long that it isn’t even remotely trendy anymore (that I’m aware of, but honestly I’m not that aware of trends anyway, hahaha!): pink, brown, and aqua. Plus this lets me make up for missing out last month.


And here’s my fabric palette for these colors:


All images are from Hawthorne Threads. 1) Courtney in Pink, from Michael Miller; 2) Pink Flamingo in Aqua, from Timeless Treasures; 3) Nature Elements in Hot Pink, from Art Gallery Fabrics; 4) Oval Elements in Chocolate Cherry, also Art Gallery Fabrics; 5) Beekeeping in Thicket, from Hawthorne Threads; 6) Timber in Twilight, I think I have a thing for Art Gallery Fabrics; 7) Mercury in Rouge, from Andover; 8) Clover Field in Robins Egg, also Art Gallery Fabrics; and finally 9) Medium Spots in Pomegranate, from Robert Kaufman, because I can’t resist bright pink polk-a-dots.

For the all-pink palette, I wanted to base it on this Magic Mermaid print by Sarah Jane from Michael Miller fabrics. Mermaids are a favorite of mine since childhood. As much as I wanted to follow Michelle’s advice about varying the saturation of the pinks, I found it really hard to choose brighter, more intense pinks that I didn’t think would overwhelm the very light/soft pink of my focus fabric.


Again, all images are from Hawthorne Threads. 1) Squared Elements in Rosewater, Art Gallery Fabrics again; 2) Plumage in Poppy, you guessed it–Art Gallery Fabrics; 3) Unicorn Forest in Blossom Metallic, from the same Sarah Jane collection; 4) Hills in Tulip, from Hawthorne Threads; 5) the focus fabric linked above; 6) Whale Silhouette in Tulip, from Hawthorne Threads; 7) You Are Magic in Pink Metallic, also from the Sarah Jane collection; 8) Ink in Grapefruit, from Andover; 9) Daydream in Pink, from Blend.

If I were to pursue this in real life, I think I might experiment with some brighter pink prints on a white background and see how well they play with the group.

When I uploaded the photos of my pink fabric stash from my camera, I discovered this photo of myself from last August and thought I’d include it since the theme of the day is PINK. Plus I think it’s a funny picture. We left for the hospital later that afternoon.


I think that’s enough pink from me. I hope you are getting all of the sewing time you wish for. 🙂