Sunday Stash: AMH Mystery Bundle

Although I am trying really, really hard right now to resist buying fabric, I acquired quite a bit of lovely stuff during all that time off from blogging. So in order to have an excuse to participate in the link-up, I thought I’d share one of the more recent and (to my mind) interesting purchases I made. At least there’s more of a story behind the purchase than my usual, “I saw it. I thought it was pretty. I bought it.”

Craftsy usually has designer “mystery bundles” available for a pretty darned good price if you’re willing to take the risk. I thought about it for a looong time before doing it myself. What prompted me was this quilt, and a desire to challenge myself in terms of color and print choices. I have been following Little Island Quilting since before I started my own blog, and I LOVE how she puts fabrics together in ways that are so, so different from the way I do. But I’m kind of scared to try and imitate it.

Well, my experience in other parts of my life is that I learn and grow the most from experiences that are hard or scary. So it should work out that way with quilting, too, right? If I want to continue learning and improving, I’d better push myself! And what better way to do that than with a fabric selection that won’t allow me to fall into old habits?

AMH fabric2

This group is actually right in my wheelhouse.  🙂

So, after being amazed by Alison’s quilt, I ordered the pattern and purchased the Anna Maria Horner fat quarter mystery bundle. (Craftsy doesn’t have any right now, but they have other designers available.) While AMH designs some fabrics that intoxicate me, she also puts together some color combos that are about as far out of my comfort zone as you can get, so I felt a mystery pack of her fabrics would offer the kind of challenge I was looking for.

AMH fabric1

I like three of these prints. I think the deer are weird. The colors, however, are NOT me. Perfect.

And I was right.

AMH fabric4

With these three, the roses remind me of my grandma, and I am not a fan of hearts, but again, the colors are right up my alley.

The mystery pack contained a good combination of prints and colors that I am always attracted to with others that I would otherwise never purchase or use.

AMH fabric3

I am captivated by the “Sinister Swarm” print in the upper right corner. I even tracked down some additional yardage. The other three, however, I would never have purchased. I like the upper left but wouldn’t have had ideas about how to use it. The other two? I wouldn’t have even stopped to fondle them on the bolt.

Since I don’t expect these fat quarters to be enough to make the whole quilt, I also ordered the Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton (Dark) fat quarter bundle, and will select some fat quarters from it to make up the difference in required yardage. I have also pulled all of the AMH from my stash to incorporate as necessary. (There isn’t a ton of it for the reason I mentioned above.) I admit, it’s a safety net to ensure that I will actually like the end product, but making a quilt you don’t like is no fun. I’ll push my boundaries a little further next time. 😉

Late to the party, but linking up with Sunday Stash, hosted this week by Ms. Midge. Because Molli’s busy posing for the paparazzi, y’all.



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