I did not intend to take more than a year off from my blog. It began with a brief lack of interest in sitting down to sew. When I got back in the groove, I was so focused I didn’t want to dedicate what would otherwise be sewing time to blogging. I blame hormones. You see, THIS happened during my hiatus.


He’s five months old now. My best WIP yet.

Anyhoo, I was back in the groove. Then I developed gestational carpal tunnel syndrome. I hadn’t even known it was a thing. So, back to no sewing. For FIVE months! It taught me an interesting thing about my quilty self, though: When I can’t sew, I am compelled to BUY. ALL. THE. FABRICS. It got kind of ridiculous. I think my stash doubled in size during those months.

I also spent a lot of time stalking YOUR blogs, even though I wasn’t typing any comments. And let me just say wow. WOW. You have all made some incredible things. Inspiring. All that cool stuff is part of what made me buy fabric. (See how I managed to blame part of it on you?) So that as soon as I could sew again, I could make similar cool stuff.

Oh, and we bought a house and moved. Apparently we are gluttons for punishment.

Once I delivered, the pain in my wrists and forearms vanished, but how much time can you dedicate to quilting with a newborn around? If you’re me, not very much. But he’s growing, I’m learning, and every now and then I get to slice into some fabric or stitch a few seams.

So, since I last blogged, here is a very brief rundown of quilting progress:

*My Beanstalks quilt is nearly complete–it just needs to be trimmed and bound at this point.

*I finished and gifted the VOWIP. My aunt loves it.

*I made two baby quilts.

*I started another baby quilt that just needs the binding. (This is actually a family quilt because I didn’t get to make quilts for the two big brothers and they would have been jealous.)

*I started yet another baby quilt, but this one faltered at the piecing stage due to a miscarriage. I haven’t yet decided whether to complete it.531

*I traveled to Kodiak, Alaska to visit my sister and take a Quiltworx class. I started the Fire Island Hosta Queen, but haven’t been able to work on it again since.

*I made some progress on my husband’s quilt. It’s my own design (as I go), which means I often get hung up as I decide how to proceed. (Sorry, no current photo for you.)

*I finally made a quilt for MY baby.  😉 Only four months after he was born. He’s laying on it in the photo above, but here’s a shot of the whole thing. It’s the Gumdrops pattern from “Sunday Morning Quilts.”002

*I’ve cut out and started piecing what I’m referring to as “Big Swoon.” It’s currently on my design floor. It’s queen-sized, so I can’t really do anything else until I get it out of the way.048

I’ll do my best to blog in more detail about the finishes, and give progress reports on the in-progresses. At least, I really hope to try, as this space originally had two purposes for me: 1) document my quilting, and 2) allow me to connect with other quilters. Neither will happen if I don’t carve out some time to actually sit down and write. Right?

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