Dragon Daze

I had to work this past weekend. Saturday was slow, so I decided that on Sunday I would be prepared with something to do. I dug out an old WIP that required hand-sewing for its next step and took it along. Generally I avoid hand-work, which is why this WIP got put on the shelf the last time, but taking my machine to work is not an option. Surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying it. Mostly I enjoy making progress, since this one is for my husband and he chose the fabric about four years ago now. Yikes!

This is the design I’m working on now. There will be a total of four 7×7 inch blocks.002

I completed this one on Sunday at work. (You’re not going to tell my employer, right?)003The third and fourth designs are more complicated. They are from Susan Briscoe’s Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match. Check it out. It is a gorgeous book.

005They will be added to a whole bunch of paper-pieced flying geese…007 008…and these dragons to make the final quilt. 009 010It was supposed to be a quilt my husband could relax under while watching TV, but it’s not going to be big enough. (He’s 6’4″.) So I’m thinking it will be a large wall hanging instead. I’ll make him something bigger for lounging.

This is my first link-up to WIP Wednesday!  🙂 Ooooh, and this week it’s being hosted by {no} hats in the house. I’ve been crushing on Sarah’s quilts for months now–they have such a lovely ethereal quality to them.

WIP Wednesday


4 thoughts on “Dragon Daze

  1. the flying geese are so cool! but they are not the traditional pattern. what do you call them? flying flying geese? not wonky because there is definitely purpose and pattern to them. they look great. =)

    • Thank you! The geese are meant to be like the spines down a dragon’s back, so I wanted them to have a lot of movement. Every triangle touches one edge of the strip, while the opposite points and the peaks all move around. I love it but it was a lot of work. If I’d thought about it more ahead of time, I would have only varied one of the three points instead of two.

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! I seriously questioned my sanity about 1/3 of the way in, but I think they’ll be what really makes this piece special once it’s done.

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