Four for the MIL

So I’d been trying to be “good” by not buying any more fabric for awhile. “Why?” you ask. I have no clue, really, except that I already have so much.

Anyhoo, during my recent cleanup and reorganization, I was flipping through some of my quilting magazines and came across an ad in the back of last November’s American Quilter for a company called Thousands of Bolts. “Over 5000 fabrics under $5.00 per yard!! All FIRST quality quilt shop fabrics,” it said. The cynic in my head assumed they’d all be “fuglies,” but I took a look. Especially given that one of my truly two local quilt shops closed because the owners retired and the other moved to a new location that is better for them but not so local for me. (I say “truly” because I do still have plenty of options across the river in Portland, but that’s not always convenient.) Plus, what quilter can resist good yardage at a great price?

I would describe the majority of their fabrics as blenders, and I haven’t seen any indication of designer collections, though I didn’t expect to. I am a big fan of tone-on-tone prints, however, so much of what they offer is right up my alley. PLUS they have Moda Bella Solids and Robert Kaufman Pure Organic Solids in every color I can imagine. SO, they are going on my list of stash-building resources for sure. I took the opportunity to try and round out a collection of fabrics I’ve been accumulating for my mother in law’s quilt. Her favorite colors are “deep teal and true red.” This is what arrived yesterday:004The whole bottom row is way too green, so they’ll go into my stash. This is not supposed to look like a Christmas quilt! Also, the two ferny prints aren’t quite what I expected based on the online images–maybe they just focused on a part where I couldn’t see that there were ferns there…? I’m not anti-fern, entirely, I just didn’t want them for this quilt.

Luckily the four across the top are winners. The solids are Moda Bella, and the print collections are, from left to right: Spin by Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics, Out of This World  by Jill McDonald for P&B Textiles, and Snowfolk by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex. They will be added to this stack005and eventually be sewn up in Julie Herman’s Lotus pattern. Sometime this year, I hope. I’ll find out once I give it to my MIL whether I got the “deep” and “true” parts of the colors right, but I already know I’ll have an extremely difficult time giving this one away.

First-time link-up to Sunday Stash! Whoop whoop!molli_sparkles_sunday_stash_button

3 thoughts on “Four for the MIL

  1. I love that top row!!! Cant wait to see where this goes!
    Thanks for the comment, you will absolutely LOVE your book even more if you go have it done! I have 2 others now sitting by the door to drop off…lol

  2. That’ll be a gorgeous quilt! I love the colour combination.

    It’s probably a very bad thing that you introduced me to that Thousands of Bolts site… There’s enough temptation in the world without knowing about that!

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