Not a Quilt But

I’d hoped/planned to have one of my projects from “SnowDown” completed for my first link-up to TGIFF (hosted this week by Devoted Quilter) but my week didn’t quite cooperate. But this makes me happy, too, and is just as important a project to have completed: I re-organized my stash. ๐Ÿ™‚ 001

The last time I did this I used it as an excuse to buy fabric, as I discovered that I was sadly lacking in the warm color ranges. I love blue, so that will always fill more cubbies than any other color, and the green cubby is stacked three piles deep, whereas the others are only two, or are forced to share a cubby with another color (gasp!). But at least now I have enough warm colors that if a friend’s favorite color is orange or yellow, I can at least begin the making process with a pull from my stash.

This time I was pleased to find a bit of still-empty space (see bottom left corner of photo above) on the blacks/multicoloreds/batiks shelf. (Sorry, the closet door is too small to allow the whole thing to fit in the pictue.) So in theory I could use this as another excuse to fabric shop, but right now I’m more excited about all the ideas this clean-up gave me. First up will be this:004Right now the plan is to use the “Wonky Roman Stripe” pattern from this book, but that could change. Regardless, I am torn between my desire to finish other projects vs. start a new one. If you’re at all like me, that’s an ongoing battle. ๐Ÿ˜€ (That’s what WIP Wednesdays are for, right?)

6 thoughts on “Not a Quilt But

  1. I love how you’ve organized! Of course, I love rainbows, and I think looking in a shelf of fabric rainbows would be terribly inspiring. And what motivation to make sure each color is properly stocked!

    Thanks for the link to the lizard quilt; that is just plain awesome!!!

    • Isn’t that lizard quilt great?! I’ve had a link to that page on my “favorites” list for over a year now. Some day I will actually attempt to imitate it!

  2. Beautiful! Time well spent. Organizing my fabric always makes me put combos together for future quilts. I notice I have more green than anyone needs. Don’t know where it all came from!

    • Green is a close second to the blues in my stash. It was my first “favorite color” as a child, and as a result I have a wonderfully snuggly crocheted blanket made by my grandmother in classic 70’s avocado/orange/gold. ๐Ÿ™‚

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