Celebrate again.

Thank you so, so much for each of you who commented on my previous post. I was ambivalent for several months about starting a blog. Most of the quilt blogs I follow are pattern or fabric designers and/or authors. Since I don’t have a business of my own to grow, I debated with myself over the value of this little exercise. Would it be worth my time? Time spent learning how to blog, maneuver my way around the hosting platform, interact with other blogs, time spent NOT QUILTING or cleaning my house, etc. Moreover, I’ve never considered myself much of a writer. I can edit the heck out of things, but the first draft has always been a struggle. So: Why do it?

Then, in February, I actually verbalized the idea to a couple of non-quilty friends (and a new quilty friend–hi Nellie!–thanks to MQG’s Portland Sewdown) and received far more encouragement than I expected. So my feelings moved from ambivalence toward “this could be fun!”

I considered all of the knowledge I’ve gleaned through visiting quilt blogs over the past year (two? not sure) since I first discovered the wealth of free tutorials available. Leah Day and her Free Motion Quilting Project was the first. My skills and confidence level have grown exponentially since that time, and I have the online quilting community to thank for it. So, I decided that even if I am unsure of what contributions I might make, I wanted at least to be a more involved part of that community.

Which brings me back to my purpose today: thank you! To those first six of you who commented on “Rainy Day Garden,” thank you so much! In all the mental mulling over that I did prior to my first blog post, I never considered how HAPPY it might make me to have other quilters take the time to say, “Hey, I think that thing you did is fantastic.” Excuse the Sally Field moment, but “thank you” seems so small compared with how I’m feeling today.  🙂

Finally, since if you’re at all like me and you read quilt blogs for the PICTURES, here is a shot of my completed quilt from the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone QAL: the project that started it all.



And the flip-side.



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