2013 Finished Projects


Mom’s quilt

From Laurie J. Shifrin’s book, Batiks and Beyond. This pattern is called “Twinkle Toes.” Mom chose it and all of the fabrics for my parents’ bedroom. I completed the top several years before finally finishing the quilt.  😦  I also made matching curtain panels, but I don’t have a photo of those for you.

Mom's Quilt

Bradley’s Quilt 2.0

This was my own “design,” meaning I made it up as I went along. It is now version 2.0 because as his baby quilt, it only had one row of shape blocks around the center. When he was five I took it back for some repairs. As he handed it over he said to me, “Auntie? Can you make it bigger?” Of course I said yes. Big mistake. Trying to make new blocks successfully line up with blocks that have been much-loved and laundered is the most difficult quilting challenge I have tackled thus far.

Bradley 2.0


Baby Bears

A baby shower gift for a co-worker expecting twins–a boy and a girl. A third co-worker and I decided to make bear-themed quilts for each baby. Mine was for the boy. It’s from a pattern I downloaded by the same name. Here is one source, but I’m sure there are others.

Baby Bears


That One’s a Meat-eater!

Named by its dinosaur-loving, six-year-old recipient, “That one’s a meat-eater!” was his reaction when shown a picture of the feature fabric. I made the tic-tac-toe blocks following instructions from Dianne S. Hire’s book Quilters Playtime. The back was mostly just an effort not to waste any dinosaurs.  🙂 I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it, but the green fabric looks like reptilian scales.

                    Meat-eater front          Meat-eater back


Unexpected Joy

The baby for whom I made this was a BIG surprise to Mommy and Daddy. Even though I was supposedly following a pattern from a quilting magazine (sorry I forget which one, and I loaned it to my sister so I can’t check), I “winged it” a bit on the triangles, so my points are less than perfect. In spite of that, I was thrilled with the way it turned out. I wanted the quilting to be like wind moving through the pin wheels. I thought the quilting on Better Off Thread‘s “Geese in the Forest” was perfect, so I followed her tutorial here.

Unexpected Joy front


                    Unexpected Joy back          Unexpected Joy quilting



Let’s Explore!

My first “commissioned” piece. A cousin asked me to make a quilt for his grandson’s first birthday, which was to have a lighthouse theme. I didn’t like most of the lighthouse fabrics I was finding (too adult), so I shifted to sailboats. I looked at tons of sailboat quilts. Most of what I found were pieced & therefore had straight sails, but I wanted the impression that they were full of wind and that the boat was going somewhere. So I created my own applique design. My favorite thing about this quilt, though, is the backing fabric: a world map complete with sea monsters and mermaids. 🙂

                Let's Explore! front      218

sea monster


The Good Life

This is Dad’s, and was a WIP for at least two years. (Bad daughter!) Based on a pattern called “Baltic Amber” from The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego, Oregon, it was no longer available by the time I got around to making the quilt. So I made it up from the photograph. (Actually, I do that a lot. I’d rather spend my quilting budget on fabric.) Dad loves to fish and hunt, and the design is just four big blocks from big pieces of fabric. I didn’t want to cut all the fishes and deer up into small bits. I thought it would make the quilt too busy. The quilting is meant to look like fly fishing lures.

The Good Life     Good Life quilting

Flower Box

This is another one “lifted” from an old Pine Needle catalog. The original pattern was called “Bento Box.” I’ve seen other similar patterns online.

   Flower Box front     Flower Box back

Table Runner

My first ever, made for a co-worker who was moving on to something new. I needed to put it together FAST, but I wanted something bold yet pretty. I turned to my Cutting Curves From Straight Pieces book by Debbie Bowles, and straight-up followed the “Bent Pieces” table runner pattern. The co-worker was thrilled.

Shelley table runner


Going Feral

This is my first intentionally “modern” quilt. I was seeing a lot of chevron quilts on the blogs I followed & the link-ups I explored and was really feeling inspired. I was NOT seeing animal prints, but the bride of the couple that received this as a wedding gift absolutely loves animal print. And she is a very modern woman. So this is what I came up with, and I have to say I am very pleased. Enough so that I want to make another for me.  🙂 The quilting was technically a flame pattern, but I think it serves well as a near-animal print.

           Going Feral    Going Feral back

      Going Feral quilting   Going Feral binding


Chaos Theory

This quilt was at least 12 years in-the-making. Long ago, when I lived in Junction City, Oregon, I took my first quilting class at Quilter’s Junction. The BFF I shared an apartment with liked what she saw, and purchased several yards of a blue & gold butterfly fabric to be the starting point of a quilt for her. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do with it. I had envisioned a purple quilt for her. She had purchased purple sofas for our apartment. I was totally stuck, so the fabric was stored away for YEARS, through many moves, going back to school, a new career, and a wedding. Not that I didn’t think about it. It just took me a very, very long time to decide what would 1) show off the fabric, 2) be something she would love, and 3) be something I’d be proud to give her. Eventually I succeeded, but the irony of it is that my Bargello Quilts book by Marge Edie is one that I purchased during that first year of quilting. I just didn’t have the confidence to tackle it, even if it had occurred to me. So, given the butterfly wings and my “who could have ever guessed it” feelings about this project, “Chaos Theory” seemed to be the perfect name.

       Chaos Theory   Chaos Theory close-up

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